Oprah/Frey, Round Two


Whatever James Frey’s reasons for ignoring friends’ and lawyers’ advice to not return to the Oprah Show five years after he endured a tongue-lashing there, the appearance offered an opportunity to bring attention to his new book, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible. And that it did; the $50 print version rose to #253 from a lowly #10,286 on Amazon’s sales rankings and the $9.99 Kindle edition rose to #69.

Although the Oprah site describes the book as “the story of the Second Coming of Christ in today’s modern world — but in James’ book, Christ is a bisexual former alcoholic who lives in the Bronx and impregnates a stripper,” that description is not in the televised interview. Oprah simply says it is “controversial” because any book that uses “Bible” in the title will be. Frey says he hopes the book will “change people’s lives for the better” by getting them to “think about God differently,” making it sound tailor-made for the Oprah audience.

Story at EarlyWord.com


A Million Little Pieces was pushed back into the top 100 on Amazon because of Oprah.

The hardcover vs. Kindle price is very dramatic. The hardcover is going for $50 and the Kindle version is $9.99. The Final Testament of the Holy Bible has fallen out of the top 100 I think most likely because of the price. Doesn't help that the reviews are somewhat biting.

People's purchasing habits are scarily Pavlovian. This guy has already demonstrated that he is ridiculous, yet he goes on the big O, talks vaguely about his sensationalist book, and - voila!- spike in sales. And for his next trick....

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