real sign in my fake library

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Love the "No Lost and Found" point-- this is a great idea.

Kind of cuts down on most things people would want to use public library computers for though.
No government forms, no bill paying, no ordering anything, no Facebook of course. But even if you take away fripperies such as social networking it does kind of kill the idea of having public library internet access for all but basic library-type searching.
So if you say that you might as well say no social mobility if you don't have the internet at home.

Nice idea but I'd rather see a sign saying, we wipe the pc everytime you log off alongside that one.

when you don't care what you reveal in public?

I would never suggest that anyone fill in a government form on a public library computer, nor pay bills... you might get away with buying something if you have your credit card stored at the site, but I don't think anyone should sit at a computer with a credit card in hand entering numbers....

this has nothing to do with the computer, but everything to do with the people in the library, pretending to browse, waiting to steal.

yes, pretty much each day, someone has something stolen because they weren't paying attention to their property.

so a sign like this, although this one was completely in jest, would remind folks about the importance of their privacy in an online (and very public) world.

I know what you mean but if the only online access you have is via public libraries and you need to access such materials how else can you use them?
It will depend on many things of course and I'm sure you can print off forms etc but in many cases you might HAVE to do some things online. Students submitting work, job applications.
Theres a lot of crossover.

There is also the traditional source of privacy breach, telling everyone about your life and not shutting up in public! The sign would be good to stop that sort of person as well ;)
I don't want to hear your medical history as it will leave you open to identity theft!

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