Free Digital Galleys for Librarians at NetGalley


Looking for more book content for your e-reader or mobile device? Publishers large (HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) and small are offering digital galleys to book reviewers and librarians through NetGalley. Registration is required, but is quick, simple, and free. Browse galleys by publisher or genre; download galleys in ePub or Kindle format.

In the past week, I've gotten galleys of new books by David Foster Wallace, David Vann, G√ľnter Grass, and Linda Sue Park. Each publisher handles DRM differently, but every book I've requested so far has had a 60-day expiration date. Reviews aren't required. If you do decide to do reviews, NetGalley suggests emailing publishers with a link to your reviews as a courtesy (whether you post them on your blog, to GoodReads, to a review publication, etc).




Thanks so much for this post about NetGalley! We love our librarian members and are so glad we can help get galleys in their hands.

Just to clarify -- galleys can be downloaded and viewed in a variety of formats, depending on what the publisher offers. Most publishers offer PDFs and EPUBs protected with DRM -- which can be viewed in Adobe Digital Editions (a free program), on a supported device such as the Nook, Sony Reader, or Kobo, or sent to your Kindle. We also have a Quick Browse online reading method if you don't wish to download anything.

The expiration date of 60 days is most common, but don't worry if you run out of time! You can log back into your NetGalley account and hit Download again to get another 60-day copy of the file. You can continue to re-download until the publisher completely archives the title (usually a month or more after pub date).

Thanks again for spreading the word! Don't hesitate to contact us at support(at) with any questions or feedback.

All best,
Digital Concierge, NetGalley

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