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"It's been a long, hard road," says Michael Jernigan, USMC (Ret.) Severely wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq, Jernigan is rebuilding his life by attending Georgetown University with the help of audio textbooks from RFB&D. This video has been awarded a 2008 Platinum Award by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. Jernigan was also recently featured in the acclaimed HBO documentary "Alive Day," hosted by James Gandolfini.


Opinion piece by Michael Jernigan (Note: Jernigan is the Marine featured in the video about RFBD)
Home Fires: The War Movie You Don’t Want to See

I was eager to see “The Hurt Locker” since it is one of the first movies about my war.

I found it very interesting. I saw a lot of reality there. I have seen and dealt with, to a limited extent, the addiction to adrenaline. I do not know of anyone who loved it more than their wife and child, but I do know that it can be extremely addictive. Jumping out of an airplane affords great odds of survival. Combat or disarming a bomb does not afford such great odds. Your body will react similarly but with more intensity. When this occurs daily or more than once daily your body craves it like a drug addict craves a drug. I found the movie entertaining, but given my experience, I imagine it was scary to me on a different level than most.

Full piece here.

I had to comment on this post, what a wonderful and mostly unknown resource RFB&D is to those who are faced with a vision disability. I have found this resource after viewing the youtube video and examining the web site for RFB&D to be a great asset that I will bookmark for future reference. It it always amazing to me how many great resources there are on the Internet that are bypassed because we are unaware of them. Everyone needs to be given a chance to succeed at education and RFB&D has found a way to make that process a little easier for those in need.

RFB&D website
Recording for the blind and dsylexic

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