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There's still time to ENTER and WIN!!! Post those jokes ~now~ ...Make Us Laugh! Anyone who submits a joke will be entered to win some cool prizes.

From and ...a set of four Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy cross stitch bookmark patterns, including two designed from the old chicken-and-frog library joke. You know, a chicken walks into a library and says, "book, Book, BOOK!" (you gotta say it like a chicken), so the librarian gives her a book. The chicken takes the book outside and down to a pond where a frog sits on a lily pad and croaks, "read-it, read-it" (that's right, say it like a frog).

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You'll want to submit your joke(s) HERE starting March 1, and on through the month of March. Even if you don't have a joke to enter, we hope you'll check the tracker/RSS feed and vote on other people's jokes.

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What do you call someone that has failed at every profession they've attempted?

A librarian


With all the clowns we work with? We don't need any more humor- we are hip deep in fools and joeys.

Our salaries are a joke.

Even our own colleagues make fun of our profession.

All we need now are red noses and big shoes and a worn slapstick.

Throw the book at them!

We know this answer.

What do you call someone who gets into librarianship and then complains about the money?