Life Under Don't Ask Don't Tell

A retired Navy captain tells about her life in the military under "Don't Ask Don't Tell"...interesting reading, and proof that this policy should be retracted. CNN.

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No, it should NOT be retracted. We cannot go against the wishes of our military men and women and place them in danger.

Repealing DADT will not endanger the lives of American soldiers. DADT is an equal rights protection issue, as too often gay and lesbian soldiers serving under DADT are not able to use military counseling services, for example, as openly as their straight fellow soldiers can. Not to mention that gay and lesbian soldiers serving overseas cannot communicate as openly with their loved ones back home, for risk of being found out. Simply put, DADT dehumanizes gay and lesbian soldiers who are serving in the American military branches.

On NPR there was an interview of a marine with a gay father. The marine said that as a civilian he would retract DADT. As a marine he does not think that the marines are ready for it yet. Piece is on NPR