DON'T Call It a Library

Can we call it a fortress?

First artists sketches of the future George W. Bush Presidential Center at SMU from Talking Points Memo. Seven renderings are shown.


Wow. At first look, it appears as if the architects are going for a quasi-international-1960's-feel.

SMU has pretty strict architectural standards. There is a story that a former campus President was touring the place for the first time and remarked that he had never seen a parking garage done in the Georgian style until he arrived at SMU.

Apparently, the architect wanted to do a much more 'modern' style of building and was told that it had to at least look like *part* of the campus.

This was the result.

I've been a part of enough new building design and seen enough 'conceptual' drawings that I know that they only have a passing nod at what ends up existing in reality though, so I'm withholding judgement.

It will also be the first library in America to feature English As A Second Language books for native English readers.

wait for it ...

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