Staff morale 'at all-time low' as librarian numbers plummet

Though it seems like this report could be from just about anywhere, but it's from Scotland. They say morale in libraries across the Capital is said to be at an "all-time low" as figures show the number of full-time librarians has plunged by nearly a quarter.

The city council has been undertaking a two-year review of its library service and now employs 19 fewer full-time qualified librarians than it did a year ago.


I'm willing to bet the morale is not low because fewer people are librarians, but because non-librarians are still less respected.

This doesn't seem like a non-librarian vs librarian respect battle. From what I read it seems like the "let's ask fewer people to do more" problem. Throw in change, whether it be new job description, or job sharing between branches, and you have many unhappy workers. Why? Because people don't like change and uncertainty and that is definitely what's occurring here. It's hard to tell from the article, but I wonder how many library staff were involved in the council's reworking of the library situation. They say that they will listen to people's input about the changes that have occurred, but I wonder how well they listened prior to the changes.

"Audience Development Officer?" WTF?