Twilight Banned At Australian School- Deemed Too Racy

Twilight, though an international bestseller, isn't faring so well in Strathfield, NSW. School administrators and librarians at the Santa Sabina College say the book is too racy for school children to read and have even gone so far to hold seminars on paranormal romance. Librarians have removed the book from the shelves of the school library.

The head librarian, Helen Schutz, says "We wanted to make sure they realise it's fictitious and ensure they don't have a wrong grasp on reality."

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"It comes down to the discretion of the school to keep an eye on what the kids read," Mr Rix said.

No, no, no! It comes down to the discretion of the PARENTS to keep an eye on what THEIR own kids read.

lame. Kids know what fiction is.

Too racy? Whatever its literary merits (or lack thereof) Twilight is one of the few books aimed at teens that actually promotes absinence. Have these folks actually READ it?

'Twilight' bk 1 of the series has nothing overtly sexual in it's contents, the next bk has nothing in it either-banning the last two books of the series would make more sense but again, anything that happens is implied and more sex happens in many of the literature and English books/movies that are studied so it makes no sense.

The implied presumption that children can't distinguish fact from fiction is also ridiculous. It's as if 'Twilight' is the only fiction novel in the entire library, if they wanted to "ensure they don't have a wrong grasp on reality" they would make a point of removing ALL of their fiction books. My, what fun that library would be.

Children's imaginations should be fed and be allowed to develop, when they begin to confuse to line between reality and unreality then it's time to go see the doctor.

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