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Submitted by stevenj on Tue, 06/23/2009 - 18:56

Stories about K-12 libraries that are cutting budgets may be old news to librarians, but Mark Bauerlein, a blogger for The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Brainstorm" blog, has greater concerns. He's annoyed that schools at all levels now spend $8 for technology and only $5 for books. But he says that ultimately the budget cuts for these libraries won't be the real death of reading. According to Bauerlein, "Kids just don’t read books as much as they used to. The diversion menu is larger, with lots of screen tools and toys to fill their leisure hours. Books are cheaper, and free when checked out of the library, and they have more educational value than screen hours, but no matter. Kids like technology, and printed pages appear oh so bland and boring." You just can't beat technology. Read more at: