ACLU alert on new Ashcroft plan

Submitted by Anna on Fri, 03/19/2004 - 15:05

Fang-Face stands on a soap box and makes this call to action: "On March 18th the ACLU e-mailed an alert about a new threat from John Ashcroft. The alert, along with tips and assistance on opposing this new threat, can be found at the ACLU web site. Keep in mind that patronizing the site of a group that opposes Bush will mean that you are soft on terrorism, law abiding, homeland security, and a close personal pal to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein both."

Not satisfied with the new snooping powers granted by the PATRIOT Act, the Department of Justice is now asking the Federal communications Commission to allow law enforcement the power to regulate the design of Internet communications services to make them easy to wiretap.

If implemented, the new request by Attorney General John Ashcroft would dramatically increase the government's surveillance powers and set a precedent for opening the entire Internet to law enforcement. By forcing technology companies to build "backdoors" in their systems for wiretapping, the Ashcroft plan would also create weaknesses that hackers and thieves could use to invade your privacy and steal personal information like credit card numbers.

The government already has more than enough power to spy on individuals suspected of wrongdoing. This measure is the equivalent of requiring
all new homes be built with a peephole for law enforcement agents to look through.