Follow-up: Celebs with Librarian Dads

When I mentioned the SLJ article I posted here earlier--My Mom, the Librarian--on Twitter, @ryanwlarkin asked, "What about librarian dads?"

Good point. I did some digging, and here are some famous children of librarian fathers: writer Amos Oz, writer Jhumpa Lahiri, writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, chef and The Cook's Companion author Stephanie Alexander, and Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen.

I've always been fond of the fictional heroic librarian father in Something Wicked This Way Comes.


Not to get into the discussion of who is and is not a librarian, but I believe the father in Something Wicked This Way Comes is a janitor at a library... though I do agree he's a great character.

he's a librarian, played by Jason Robards. I haven't read the Bradbury novel--maybe he's a janitor there?--but Bradbury did write the screenplay as well.

Aww--you beat it to us. That was our Father's Day story!

My favorite male librarian was Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was the greatest and he could sing acoustic 70's rock songs!!

Well yeah, the actor's older brother is best known for singing "One Night in Bangkok." Next time anyone wants to shock some students who are into Buffy find that video on YouTube.

I had no idea! I'm going to youtube right now to see it. I know the song but I'll have to watch the video with a different eye now.