Free Libraries Still Justified?

A column in the Irish Independent asks if the days of public lending libraries have passed.


Wow, who knew Ireland also had small minded libertarian pinheads capable of spouting such epic stupidity as well? I though the USA had more or less cornered the market on that....damn.

The most common element in the uiniverse is not hydrogen, but the simplemindedness of libertarianism, that most Rube Goldbergish of political philosophies.

Only a baboon would suggest that the rest of his country is as well paid as he is. Most certainly someone else is paying taxes to support something that is totally useless to themselves, but which provides this fellow with his livelihood. Notice he also spelled Shakespeare incorrectly. Obviously the taxpayer did not do a good enough job paying for his schooling.

Thank you great-grandma for risking everything to get to the USA, where I do in fact have FREE libraries, FREE art, and FREE theater (even if you don't like Shakespeare, you can't help but enjoy "Shakespeare in the Park" with some good friends, food and wine on grassy hill each summer) and there's nobody here complaining about it all being free.

Also, no booksellers have been harmed as we librarians go about our dastardly business.