Recent LISNews Stats

A few numbers for your enjoyment. Here's the stats from the last quarter of 2008:

Total Sessions 1,023,253
Total Pageviews 5,758,171
Total Hits 11,636,252
Total Bytes Transferred 172,674,015,089
Average Sessions Per Day 11,122.32
Average Pageviews Per Day 62,588.82
Average Hits Per Day 126,481.00
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 1,876,891,468
Average Pageviews Per Session 5.63
Average Hits Per Session 11.37
Average Bytes Per Session 168750
Average Length of Session 599

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Are you able to exclude MP3 content from those totals?
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

Is there any way to display who is writing the blog posts, like with the Recent comments area? I find I don't really read blog posts any more because I always seem to click on the posts of people that I don't like to read, but then only come across the ones I do by chance. Rather than clicking on more blog headlines I find myself not clicking on any. (Which I guess *would* help bump up the stats if more people were reading the blog entries.)

It's a small point, but one I miss from the old design.