Princeton's Gehry Library Banishes Stacks, Encourages Talking

Princeton University has embarked on a difficult task: to reinvent the library for an age when information largely takes on electronic rather than print form. The $74 million, 87,000-square-foot facility (Peter B. Lewis Science Library) was designed by architects Frank Gehry and Craig Webb of Gehry Partners. The stacks you'd expect to find in a building housing collections as varied as astrophysics, biology and statistics have largely been banished to a surprisingly small high-density storage space in the basement.

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When I was in law school our library had an escalator running through the middle of it. Yes the loud clanky non-white noise type. The school has since moved, so that doesn't exist anymore, but the point is that a bit of noise (talking) will not destroy a library, in fact it may enhance it. Anyone know which school I am talking about?