9 Sites That Find People and Their 'Sensitive' Information

9 Sites That Find People and Their 'Sensitive' Information: Here are the best sites for locating people, as well as the best sites (like Glassdoor and Criminal Searches) for finding sensitive (but public) information about them.


Try fec.gov to see who gives to political candidates, try county clerks for civil and criminal records, try county jail websites (always fun during boring meetings, see if you can spot me in my county I've never been on that site... but you never know)

There are certainly free authoratative sources, that librarians should know about. I also find LexisNexis People, Business, and Assets locator fantastic, but of course it is fee based and you have to provide Lexis with a good reason for subscribing as it accesses certain restricted databases such as credit reports - but for locating people not for credit reports.

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