Librarian Interviews Amazingly Cool Open Source Guy, Now Online

I wasn't sure if this was going to come to pass, but it does appear that my interview with Mark Shuttleworth is now available online. I knew they put some content up, but had no idea how exactly they determined what content went where.

So why do I keep belaboring that interview here? Because Mark Shuttleworth is cool, and I think that there are a few things in the interview that librarians (and educators) might find interesting. Hold on to your hats, non-techie types... Not only do we never talk directly about Ubuntu, but we don't talk a whole lot about really overtly horribly bloody tech stuff in general.

For those who do love the tech stuff (there have to be a few of you, still, right?), I've launched into a podcast adventure with Lisa Hoover (of various tech media outlets) that can be found here if you're interested. Please note that we're librarians and writers, we're located at different ends of the eastern seaboard, and between Skype, my way too sensitive mic, and our inexperience with manhandling audio (this being our first podcast), it's a little rougher sounding this week than it will be next. We hope.

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I've added your program to the podcatcher to try. If you need help on the audio stuff, feel free to call via the contact details as help is available.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen

Lisa's been doing most (all) of the editing through Audacity (and I 'm not sure, but I believe she's been fiddling in Garageband for the bits where Audacity eludes her). So she sounds a heck of a lot quieter than I do, and a lot less digitized, seeing as I'm being recorded through a mic pushed through Skype and she's got a more direct route and less intertubes in the way. Or maybe I just have an annoying voice. :)

We both attempted to record on our respective ends... I'm not so good at clicking the appropriate buttons on Callgraph, alas. We're hoping next week will be a bit smoother, or that we can at least pit our Audacity skills against each other. And yes, we may be calling... so big thanks!

And our intro music is a slightly different bitrate, and so was left off this week. I think she's got that nailed down, though.