Springtime in Southeast Alaska

For the past several days here in Southeast Alaska we have had unexpected sunshine with daytime temps around 40. For us, that is a lovely spring day and some people are already breaking out shorts. I myself don't switch to shorts until we hit the 60s -- high 50s if I'm hiking.

Hope other people (especially slashgirl) are getting some nice weather coming their way!

If the weather folks are right, we'll have rain and snow in a day or two, but even so, it will have been a good run of good weather!


Southeast AK has been mighty fine the past few days! Warm, sunny, and no rain!!! It is wonderful to see the stars at night. What's the chance to also see some northern lights?

Well, we haven't had any more 3 ft snowfalls here...but the winter isn't over yet. Actually, the last few days have been fairly warm (but below 0 deg. celsius). Today and tomorrow is calling for some rain and warmer temps, plus 5 celsius. (Sorry, I'm not sure what that is in deg F). I need just enough rain to take down the big pile of snow in front of my library windows--it's already gone down about a foot since the big snowfall. But I miss being able to see who's coming and going; yeah I'm nosey!

Glad to hear you're having good weather, Daniel!


I saw some faint green glows over the mountains last Saturday. The chances of northern lights vary with solar activity. A good place to get updates on auroral activity is the NASA sponsored site http://www.spaceweather.com/spaceweather.com>. It's predicting good northern lights for tonight, but I likely won't see them. Clouds have moved in and we're looking at a 40% chance of snow tonight -- followed by rain tomorrow.

Hey Daniel-
This is Erin in Ketchikan at the UAS Library. After I sent the last reply, I realized that this was you.:) Clouds have once again taken over our skies down here. The sun was nice while it lasted.

Will you be in Fairbanks for AkLA? Hope to see you then.