New censorship law adds twist for libraries operating WiFi

June Pinnell-Stephens highlighted on the PNLA list <A HREF="">a story from CNET</A> about <A HREF="">a new censorship bill</A>. The bill would reportedly <A HREF="">impose financial liability</A> on operators of open WiFi connections relative to inappropriate images that users might display. For libraries offering wireless service to patrons this may require either a re-think or possibly a shutdown.


Or civil disobedience!

As such I would not expect much civil disobedience.

Sounds like it applies to ISPs, not customers.

Well, after reading the initial article (and the follow-up one from the Congressman), it seems like the language is vague enough that libraries *could* be pulled under this because by providing wifi we are becoming an isp. With any luck this legislation will see some language overhaul if it gets to or through the Senate.

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