Burn and Crash

I went in for surgery last Wednesday, and got out the same day. It went really well, and... best of all... they found what they were looking for. I have endometriosis in two very common areas and one not so common. The good news is the doctor reports he got it all. The bad news is the not so common area where it was found usually means it will come back in a year or two or three. The not so common area? My, er, colon. Of course, I am lucky in that there are many, many (read: most) doctors that are not skilled enough to remove it from that region in the first place.

So everything was either cut or burned off (I think he mostly burned it, as I didn't appear to have lesions that were terribly deep). I also have some charming photographs of the event. All I can say is... it looks weird. I meet with him on the 18th to ask questions... and my first is going to be, "Are ovaries supposed to look anything like that?"

I felt great going home (I love general anesthesia). Really the only things that hurt were the incisions, and the sore throat.

Oh yeah, and the Prius.

My sweet, beloved Mr. Shoe was driving our sweet, beloved Prius to pick up some ice cream for my sore throat... When he was hit by a chick going (he estimates) 25-30 mph up the yellow line, turning one lane of stopped traffic into two lanes.

He was turning, and he was very, very fortunate not to be hurt. Impact happened on the wheel wells, took off the bumper and headlights, and punctured a few things deep in the engine, because there was a veritable rainbow of colored liquids leaking out all over the street. (I wasn't with him, second hand account.) The other driver's car looks bad... but our poor little Prius...

We think she may be totaled.

We are worried that she hit directly on the wheel. She probably damaged the usual things that are situated there on a car, but Priuses also have electric motors, I guess, in that area. The electric motors power the batteries, the battery powers the electric motors, or something (or both).

The real pisser is it was almost paid off. I think we had like 3 or 4 months. The insurance will probably give us enough to afford a new one of the same model (we love that car) but we'll still have five years worth of payments to make on it again.

But, as Mr. Shoe says, if anything had to go wrong that day, he was glad the car was wrecked and not me. Sweet, ain't he?

I am still experiencing fatigue, but at least most of the pain is in check. It could be the continual pain killers... but they weren't making a dent in anything before, and they are now. I'll take any sort of improvement at this point.


...and a car is just a car. It can be fixed (hope you have insurance!) a lot more easily than people. Here's to hitting the road to good health!

Thanks Birdie, that's very true. (And yes, we're insured. And the Prius has strangely not depreciated much in four and a half years, so that puts us in a bit better spot.)

How are you doing shoe? Recovery going well?

Thanks AP...

Recovery was fine. The doctor dropped the bombshell that I also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome.) I guess there is a reason the excess weight wouldn't come off.

That has my brain thinking (a bad thing, sometimes) that maybe the problem lies somewhere in the endocrine system. It's time to revisit hypothyroidism, anyway, which is often associated with PCOS.

But everything healed beautifully, and I was started on a very low dose of Aygestin (progesterone) to see if we can retard the endo's growth. Dr. says it's a low dose, and there's no cancer risk at that dosage. We may move on to a progesterone/estrogen combo pill to see if we can combat some of the more, er, unsightly PCOS symptoms.

Also have a new, lovely blue Prius. :) To replace our totaled white one.