Anyone read Cyrillic?

My little company, IN MY BOOK, is mentioned in this blog, but it is written in Russian--something about bookmarks...


It seems to be giving a bit of history of book marks, I think it is calling them book placemarks, or place laydown. It seems to discuss a strip attached to the book- often of skin similar to the book cover...perhaps something akin to a cloth bookmark found in some of today's books. It mentions that people would lay books face down and damage the spine.

Then it goes on to describe a bookmark with some type of wheel that is used to mark the paragraph. That section was a bit hard to understand, but it seems to be the picture off to the right. I think they were talking about marking scrolls of 40m lenght.

Bookmarks were first mentioned in print in 1584 by Kristopher Barker [КриÑтофер Барке] (or perhaps first appeared in printed books?) when he presented a book with a silk bookmark.

It is our understanding that bookmarks were (or appeared) in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Not the best translation, but this is what I remember from quite a few years ago. If you want to go to lunch in Kiev, I'm your man I can read a menu perfectly. :)

I see the link, but nothing else specific about your company.

Interesting site. Thanks for the tip. I've seen similar in English, but always looking for easy ways to practice Russian.