Web site re-established

The Lair of Fang-Face DreamWeaver and The Encyclopedia Michael Nellis has been re-established on the web. The Angelfire site was summarily booted for "terms of service violations", although they wouldn't say which terms were violated. There still remains a bit of tweaking and correcting among the links, so navigation could prove . . . adventurous.

Mazel Tov.


Sweet fancy Moses. You are full-on nuts, dude. Are you 14?

The error message is probably from a failure to load an image file. I was able to reproduce it by accident by loading a cached snapshot of a page at Google. I'm still using FireFox and still can't reproduce the effect at the original pages, though.

If I'm sufficiently interested, IE is always an option. I have typical intermediate cookie controls (no third-party cookies). The "background" is the repeated text ad and error message--there isn't any other.

Hmmmmm . . .

The ads are blue text, but why they would tile is beyond me. Have you tried accessing the page with Internet Explorer or is that simply not an option? Did the background go textured or did it remain white? The rectangle could have been the background image. Also, do you have cookies disabled? The site stats show one surfer as having a "blocked referrer". I don't see why that would affect how the page loads, though.

I normally force my own typeface for web pages because I'm so sick of Arial/Helvetica--it's not Courier, but Arrus BT (a fine serif). I was getting big red Arrus letters, but over a repeating background in blue and red about "free web hosting" and "bad requests" and the like--a little rectangle repeated over and over and over and...

Turning off the forced typeface, I get the very large Edwardian Script but still over the maddening background. I did finally find the entry point, which gets different text but still superimposed on the crazed background. Not readable. Sorry.

Okay; well I installed FireFox and the site is looking good on my machine. The text is supposed to be red, in Edwardian Script, which appears larger than it's supposed to in Courier (or whatever your default is) if you don't have that font installed. Why the page would look mangled is beyond me, though.

Well, I am in the headache business, but not in that way. I can't imagine what the problem might be, but I've never used FireFox. The pages load properly on my 'puter, and I've got a keypal or two who used FireFox to access the site and they didn't say anything. I'll see if I can figure out anything on this end.

I don't know about full-on nuts, but on Firefox on my machine, that site comes up as a bunch of big red letters superimposed on repeating small web-site ads and error messages about putting the file on my own machine behind my firewall or something, with no entry point as far as I can tell.

Perhaps something slightly awry with the code? Or are you primarily in the headache business here? Scuse me while I take some aspirin...

He is no more nuts than I am. (Take that how you will) Fang and I seldom agree, but there is nothing wrong with that.

I've looked at Fang's site before, it seems normal enough to me. I tkink it is funny that they say you violated the TOS but won't tell you how. Did they hire retirees from the NSA?:)

What? I'm supposed to be some pompous-ass, stuffed shirt "grown up" who can't do anything but make rules that others have to obey to ensure his comfort and convenience?

Well, I've fooling around with things I think I might know what's up. It looks as if you might have gotten a cached version of the page instead getting the code right from the source. I seem to have reproduced the effect by accessing the page through a Google cache.