been a bit busy lately...

Conference posting is about to take a nosedive as I gave birth to my first child on Friday April 6th. I had in fact planned to go to the Montana Library Association conference this week with baby in tow but decided last Monday that that would be madness. I am also scrapping ALA Annual this summer. I do plan to present at the Pacific Northwest Library Assn conference in August, however, so look forward to some conference blogging then, and perhaps some retrospective blogging of other events I've attended lately.


Great pic!

Sam--congratulations! Way better use of your time than ALA or any other professional development. Aside from the poopy diapers and sleepless nights, it's one of the sweetest times of life.

ALA with a baby. Heck I wouldn't get out of bed for a year. I have a new nephew as of 30 January and I stayed in bed for a week after that!

Congratulations on your wonderful miracle.

Such a cute little baby! Congratulations!

thank you!


heh, going to bed for a year sounds really good about now, and I'm not really the type to stay sedentary!

thanks much!

That is the cutest baby in the world- great picture! Kudos to you and your family.

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