Author Critical of ALA re: Cuban Librarians


Author and columnist John Armor, writing in the conservative news site ChronWatch vehemently criticizes the "left-wing" leaning ALA for not supporting jailed Cuban librarians.

Warning: this article contains an explicit unfriendly attitude towards the ALA


The author contends that your local library is a hotbed of far left activism, and that most of the people in your local library are "card carrying" members of the ALA. Wrong-o! Most of the people in your local library are not librarians, do not belong to ALA and run the political gamut. ALA has about 60,000 members. There are about 116,000 libraries in the US. Let's say, for simplicity's sake that each of those libraries has 10 workers. That makes over a million library workers. Which is far short of ALA's membership. So, no, your tax dollars, which support your local library, are not paying for the silky sheets that line the alleged unholy marriage bed of Fidel Castro and the ALA.

No intention to pick on Senny here. Thanks for posting this story.

My question. Any thoughts on why some publications and talking heads, normally conservative, carry the added baggage of being labeled as such when referenced, e.g...."conservative" news site ChronWatch vehemently criticizes... ? I see this often.

Yes, a bit of nitpicking here but confounding nonetheless for conservative types. Rarely do I see references to the NY Times, Washington Post, Nation, NPR, PBS, etc.., preceded with "liberal".

Perhaps a bit too sensitive or is there a bit of truth to this?

Regardless, I do feel a little better.

I wondered about adding this, which is why I put the link to the home page of>, which at the top states " is a media watchdog and conservative news site..."

Yup, in this case a bit too sensitive, they labeled themselves. The labels on those other places are put on them by other folks.
The only place to find news that is really fair and balanced is, of course, Fox.

>>...they labeled themselves

So much for forthright conservatives.

Where's that CNN playbook????

Everybody knows that all the media is liberal EXCEPT FOX NEWS and maybe the Moonie Times. It's so obvious I shouldn't even have had to write two books about it. And Dan Rather is evil.