Rory Litwin & SRRT Plan Propaganda Campaign

Submitted by Walter on Fri, 04/13/2007 - 01:25

Here is Rory Litwin, a Council member of the ALA, working in cohoots with another Councilor, fishing for well-marketed titles for political propaganda sessions in order to reel in more naive support for their non-library agendas....the circus goes on.

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Subject: [MEMBER-FORUM:52] "When Should ALA Jump into Political and Social Issues?"

Rory Litwin's focus on ALA and "non-library" issues comes at a
great time. At annual conference, before each Membership meeting,
we will have a 1/2 hour "forum" to allow people to talk. One of
the topics will be something like "When Should ALA Jump into
Political and Social Issues?" We could use your help in trying to
come up with provocative wording that will draw people to the forum
and the membership meetings.

I agree with almost everything Rory said on his blog.

Larry Romans
Chair, Committee on Membership Meeting
ALA Councilor

> We could do the "talk to ALA leaders" before one meeting and "What
> Political Stands Should ALA Take?" before the other meeting.
> One thing that's important is to get the form of the issue that
> will pull in members:
> "Take on the ALA Leaders" (probably not)
> "What "non-library" issues should ALA tackle?"
> "When Should ALA Jump into Political and Social Issues?"
> Any wording suggestions?

Larry Romans
Government Information Librarian
Vanderbilt Central Library
Nashville, TN 37240
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