New Book: Librarianship and Human Rights

Kenneth D. Gariepy writes "Here's an announcement on a new book: LIBRARIANSHIP AND HUMAN RIGHTS: A 21st CENTURY GUIDE by Toni Samek, with Contributions by Kenneth D. Gariepy and the Foreword by Edgardo Civallero
This book is dedicated to the many courageous library and information workers throughout the world and through the generations who have taken personal and professional risk to push for social change.

Available from: or Amazon"


Who knew socialism was so greedy?

Greg, why do you think that socialism has anything to do with human rights? How can you say that socialism is the only way to insure freedom and human rights for America? I demand that you justify your assertion that socialism will bring human rights to all people, especially gay male single parents, abortionists and Hillary Clinton.

I have to say that this is a strange turn of events for you.

deeply disappointed in you,