Family Friendly Libraries: "Power to the Patrons" Education Campaign

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Denise Varenhorst writes "Family Friendly Libraries, the organization that garnered national recognition under the stewardship of Karen Jo Gounaud and Phil Burress, for its grassroots campaign against the proliferation of Internet pornography in America's public libraries, has passed the torch to new leadership; Denise Varenhorst and Judy Craft of Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Misinformed Public:
Family Friendly Libraries has identified, through innumerable media reports, that much of the public is unaware that only local citizens, served by their representatives on local school and library boards, have the legitimate authority to determine local library policy.

"Power to the Patrons" Education Campaign
Family Friendly Libraries has launched an ambitious campaign to support and educate individuals pushing for greater local control of school and public libraries. The redesigned website includes a host of new educational and networking tools intended to bring "power to the patrons."
Update: 03/07 15:05 GMT by B :I made a mistake when I posted this story yesterday and missed a "break tag" It ended up reading "Misinformed Public Family Friendly Libraries" when it should have read Misinformed Public:
Family Friendly LibrariesPower to the Patrons promotional materials are available at www.cafepress/power2patrons     Past Success
              Varenhorst and Craft worked together successfully in Gwinnett County, Georgia, to bring about library accountability, and they share the tools of their success in the form of candidate questionnaires, lobbying guidelines, and other printable documents. Their work addressing local issues of library accountability is chronicled on the website     New Standards
              Family Friendly Libraries has compiled new standards for public and school libraries, in collaboration with other leading organizations dedicated to library accountability.     Awards
              Effective immediately, Family Friendly Libraries will be accepting nominations for Awards of Recognition for libraries that meet Family Friendly Libraries standards. Award recipients will receive a certificate suitable for display and will be named on the Family Friendly Libraries website. The organization will also bestow the Gold Star Award upon individuals who demonstrate exemplary dedication to local control and protecting children in libraries.
                                                                                                                      # # #     If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, e-mail Denise Varenhorst at [email protected]."