The CIA seeks applicants to join the Agency library

Are you trained, innovative and customer-oriented? Do you want to contribute to providing current information to the President of the United States and senior government officials? Read the story at The Salt Lake Tribune and visit the CIA librarian employment page


Part of the beauty of working in a public library, is that the fate of a nation (and possibly the world) is not tied to whether or not I can answer an involved reference question in less than five minutes.

This would be an interesting job (although I'd never live in DC again, thank you). I'd be interested to see how many applicants have the MLS, and how many just have bachelor's and work in Community Intelligence Centers or whatever they called them.

When my mother heard about this, she informed me that I would "be unable to get one of those jobs," and at first I was totally insulted, until I realized she meant that they would't have me b/c I am most likely on some "lists" that would make them not hire me and I was proud and delighted!;-)

I'm not either. I'm one of those "dangerous" Canadian library workers...;)

Hmm, is it the fact that I'm Cdn that I'm dangerous or the fact that I work in a library...?