Is it possible?

To integrate an outside blog like blogger or wordpress into a webpage, either the whole posts or just the subject headings?


I haven't done it yet myself, but it seems to be [theoretically] simple to do. I've had a Bloglines post with a link to this page that lists the different tools that can do it.

Yup, either that or frame it. Or if you have access to the db backend just pull out the text.

That is awesome, thanks guys! Feedo is pretty cool but you have to pay to change the theme or have more then one feed involved. Though it is tempting and only about $60 a year. Test site here.

Feedo does look pretty nice!

Grazr - meh, it's okay.

I like the snippets with FeedSweep too.

Fun stuff, that's for sure!

I'm noticing Grazr is the slowest to load.

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