"Book" is the new "Cool"

Cynthia writes "Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn reports that "book" is the fashionable new synonym for old, reliable "cool." When those who send cell-phone text messages using predictive text, also called T9, key in the numbers that correspond with C-O-O-L on their numerical keypad (2-6-6-5), the first word the program suggests is B-O-O-K (which also corresponds with the numbers 2-6-6-5).
Full entry here:
http://blogs.chicagotribune.com/news_columnists_ez orn/2007/01/slang_earlywarn.html"


The word "librarian"? Still uncool.

Homer: Bart's not mad at me.
Marge: He called you a bad father.
Homer: Marge, when kids these days say `bad', they mean `good'.

              And to `shake your booty' means to wiggle one's butt.

              Permit me to demonstrate.