Wanted: Your Must Read Blogs In 2007


I'm putting together a list of the top "must read" library blogs for 2007. Like our 10 Blogs To Read in 2006 list from last year, I don't want this to be my list, I want the list to reflect a wide a range of opinions.

What blogs do you read every day? What blogs help you learn? What blogs keep you informed? What blogs make you laugh? Who's the best writer out there? Someone made a suggestion, and attached this note: "I read many others, but these are the LIS blogs that get read even when time is short."

Send me your list, or leave a comment below.

Your list need not be complete, fair, or even have more than one blog listed. I'm looking for a few names from everyone so the final list is a good reflection of what many people think about our little online world.

Note: We all know LISNews is obviously the single most important web site in the entire history of the internet, so therefore I won't be including it on any final list.
Second Note: Anyone who made it to 10 Blogs To Read in 2006 won't be included in 2007.

Update: 01/09 16:14 GMT by B :I've been getting many more votes than I thought I would, so thanks! I'll update this one more time, and close voting later in the week, so keep them coming. So far there's one clear favorite (Hint: He has the longest hair in the profession), a few new blogs I hadn't seen before, and a few more that have some fans out there. I can already tell it'll be tough to choose the final 10.

Update: 01/12 03:11 GMT by B :This will be the last day for voting. I'll get the list posted sometime next week.

Update: 01/16 12:58 GMT by B : While I think I'm done, I also think it's not yet too late for changes.
I have a book guy, an agregator, a warm and fuzzy, an academic, a webby, an organization, a geek, a geekette, a token, and some darn kids. My goal again this year, 10 blogs that paint picture of what's going on in our little world. Consider this a last minute call for new ideas. I'll post the final list by Friday. Send me your list quick if you think I missed someone.


I am a law librarian in the UK, there are not all that many of us blogging at the moment. I regularly read the following blogs which help keep me up to date with developments and alert me to useful resources:
Binary Law http://www.binarylaw.co.uk/
Human Law http://www.human-law.org/humanlaw/
Information Overlord http://www.informationoverlord.co.uk/
Phil Bradley's Weblog http://philbradley.typepad.com/phil_bradleys_weblo g/

Meredith Farkas' Information Wants to be Free is a good one to include.

The rest of my blogs I read more sporadically, but Meredith offers a fairly consistent blend of things that intrigue and provoke and it keeps me coming back. Her technorati rating suggests that alot of people agree with me.

You mean there is something out there other than the Disruptive Library Technology Jester?
Okay, ego aside, these are the ones I go out of my way to keep up with every day:

Walt at Random
Walt is known for his thoughtful observations and reality-checking commentary. Although Walt at Random may be "stuff not quite ready for Cites & Insights," it is still very good stuff.
Richard Akerman's Science Library Pad
We're kindred Service Oriented Architecture spirits, and I always learn a great deal from his posts and the things that he links to.
Lorcan Dempsey's weblog
From the helm of OCLC Research, Lorcan has a great perspective on what is happening at the intersection of Libraries and Information Technology.
Andrew Pace's Hectic Pace
Andrew has his fingers on the pulse of changes in library technology, and that combined with his experience at writing makes his blog a must-read.

...and a cheeky beard?

I nominate What I Learned Today by Nicole Engard, Tame the Web by Michael Stephens, and Librarian in Black by Sarah Houghton-Jan.

Shush.ws /The Notebook
Annoyed Librarian
A Librarian at the Kitchen Table
Walt At Random
Collecting My Thoughts
Friends of Cuban Librarians

Those are the few I could think of off the top of my head. There are probably plenty more bookmarked, but these are the ones I drop in an address bar when I have a few minutes to kill between meetings. They are in no particular order and I may look at them daily or some fortnightly. I don't think any are on last years list. Not all are library blogs; they may be by a librarian.

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