Online - Lost/Found

I need to keep track of things. I found this great site with articles related to "Keeping Things Found." Well, I can't find it. (Ok, it's here, but I still had to look for it.)
Like many people, I have tons of bookmarks. I tend to print out the first page of something interesting online and put it on my desk. Granted, it sits there until my yearly desk-cleaning where the site is no longer there, the information is no longer current, and I, for the life of me, can't remember why I found it so interesting in the first place.
Because I am interested in using a blog behind the firewall at my company, I've been reading about blogs and wikis. See Daypop, SnipSnap, and Vanilla.
I'm interested in knowing other corporate libraries or special libraries that are using weblogs to push. I've read some of the articles that SLA has on their site (password required?)
Therefore, I hope that I can remember that I went to all of these places and started this process before I get to distracted with new bright and shiny objects.


I didn't see a reply button on your first entry (Feb. 5), but wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading it. Sometimes jobs that don't look so great at the beginning, teach us the most--maybe because we have an open mind and don't know all the answers.

And good luck keeping track of all those URLs. When you find a foolproof method, be sure to share it!

Thanks for your comment. (I'm a newbie with posting and haven't figured out all the bells and whistles and neglected to check "comments enabled" on my journal.)

I just posted a link to Chris Sherman's recent article called Create Your Own Online Web Page Archive. Perhaps Furl will be the solution for me?

Thanks again for reading!