Where is LJ/AmL on S. Berger?

Jack asks this very pertinent question about why the silence on S. Berger from the establishment library press? I'm willing to say "let them have Christmas off, that is why no news," but, when the 12 Days are over, let's bet : Will there be coverage of this story? Also, if the theif in question had been a high-ranking Republican, is there someone who doubts whether the Archives official who nabbed him would be on the cover of LJ/AmL?

Jack writes: "THIS MORNING MARKS ONE WEEK SINCE THE RELEASE of the National Archives inspector general's official report on former national security advisor Sandy Berger's theft and destruction of highly classified documents from the Archives in Washington, D.C.

The heavily redacted report, made public by Pajamas Media (viewable here), recounts Berger's removal of documents from the Archives building (pdf):

Mr. Berger exited the Archives on to Pennsylvania Avenue, the north entrance. It was dark. He did not want to run the risk of bringing the documents back in the building risking the possibility [redacted] might notice something unusual. He headed towards a construction area on Ninth Street. Mr. Berger looked up and down the street, up into the windows of the Archives and the DOJ, and did not see anyone. He removed the documents from his pockets, folded the notes in a "V" shape and inserted the documents in the center. He walked inside the construction fence and slid the documents under a trailer.

There has been no mention of the inspector general's report at Library Journal. No mention at American Libraries. No story at LISNews. Not a word.

The reader is invited to imagine the bloodcurdling howls, the rending of clothes we would even now be witnessing from our library media and institutions, had such an official report been released concerning any former official of a Republican administration, let alone a former national security advisor.


But just as when a tree falls in the forest with no one around no once cared that I posted it. See Sandy Berger is a scumbaglisnews.org>.

OK one person did ask the same question you are asking why is the ALA and the library community not up in arms about this truly library related revalation.

Because Berger worked for Clinton and Clinton is the golden child that is my guess.

Sorry, mdoneil, but that doesn't wash. With people like you around who still hate Clinton and still blame him for America's problems six years after he stopped being president? And your lies about the press being liberal don't wash in light of the media criticisms I've seen recently, either.

Guess again. Your conspiracy theory is too fringe lunatic. If ordinary people aren't paying attention to an issue, it is almost invariably because they have other things on their minds distracting them from it.

If you want to play the chickenshit-bullshit politics game, however, I'll ask you how come there isn't more outrage over the administration's action to remove EPA materials from public access, a government action with the potential to affect all citizens throughout the country, while you are showering shit and derision in all directions over the unilateral actions of a single individual.

Actually I think someone stole a copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" from my library. I demand that ALA release a statement immediately. I also expect ALA to go into a frothing heap of rage when our left-side men's room urinal does that thing it does when the valve leaks.

Sandy Berger has been rightly punished for his crimes, but according to this articlewashingtonpost.com>, the Bush Justice Department concluded that other copies of the documents existed and had already been given to the 9/11 commission.

It also looks like ALA has issued at least three statementsgoogle.com> on this subject.

Given that apparently nothing has disappeared from the permanent record and that Mr. Berger has been punished, that seems like enough comment to me.

I complained about the EPA fiasco too. I can't tell you why there is not more public outrage, but I told my elected representatives and Mr. Bush how I felt. I can't assume they actually read my email, but at least I told them.

My brother and his wife have 3 copies of What to Expect When You're Expecting (since they're expecting and people keep giving it to them)> I'm sure they would be happy to donate one. I didn't know it was classified though like the documents Sandy Burger stole.

Stealing classified documents is wrong, stealing classified documents and hiding them where anyone can find them only compounds the wrong. The fact that there were other copies does not make hiding classified documents in a construction trailer any less serious.

No one disagrees with this. What more do you want?

Well he screwed up majorly, lied at first to save his own butt. I think he should get what all people get for doing that these days...

The Presidential Medal of Freedom

I want everyone to be treated the same. A fine and loss of clearance for stealing classified government documents, please. If some guy from Compton did this he would be in prison, because some well connected scumbag does it he pays a fine for which he could probably write a check from petty cash.

Berger is a lawyer, he should know better. A fine and loss of security clearance for a few years... oh boy I'm sure that was tough for him. I would hope that any lying, stealing scumbag would spend a few nights in the cooler with all the other criminals. It is not like it was unpaid parking tickets the man stole classified documents from the national archives.

Those comments from the ALA all came in 04 and 05. So, that's enough?

Does this mean in 07 we will finally hear no more hysterical comments from the ALA about the Patriot Act, because they have commented a zillion times on this in the past????

So in fact, Daniel, there has been NO comment about the latest news update (I just checked the LJ and AmLibs news feeds). I thought perhaps the LJ and AmLibs were supposed to be keeping us up to date with library-related news, in addition to the latest left wing fad or flight of fancy?

I didn't notice a link to the full report in the original post. The Federation of American Scientists has the full IG reportfas.org> online.

As I said, I believe that Mr. Berger was justly punished for his crimes. The ALA statements I linked to agree. His criminality isn't at issue. Only the amount of coverage and how much national security and the public's right to know has been compromised.

Does this mean in 07 we will finally hear no more hysterical comments from the ALA about the Patriot Act, because they have commented a zillion times on this in the past????

Mr. Berger's crimes are done. The PATRIOT ACT is a continuing blemish on our society and mockery of our fundamental values.

But yes, if the Democrats had the guts to repeal USAPA (which they will not), I would expect ALA's comments on the Act to wind down and stop.

In all the comments I've read of yours over the years, Daniel, I have come to feel you are an expert in the art of obfuscation. Not that your comments are moronic or anything like that; I am occassionally challenged to consider you are right when you post something intelligent, but you have perfected the ploy of avoiding a question by asking another. Ever think of running for office?

I don't plan on running for any offices outside the library field. I don't have the temperament for it.

When you say things like "In all the comments I've read of yours over the years, Daniel, I have come to feel you are an expert in the art of obfuscation." providing a few examples would help prove your case. Additionally, the record shows I'm willing to admit that I'm wrong or made mistakes when confronted with evidence.

Simple slurs don't move me or anyone who doesn't already share your point of view.

This thread made me go to the Justice Department web site to see what they had to say about Sandy Berger. After all, they are the agency charged with prosecuting federal crimes and have a history of zealousness in prosecuting leaks of classified information.

Imagine my surprise when I found that the most recent DOJ mention of the case I could find was their annual report from February 2006usdoj.gov>, which contained a summary of the case. The next most recent mention appears to be an April 2005 press releaseusdoj.gov> noting Mr. Berger's guilty plea. This is around the same time that ALA made their statements.

Why should the ALA get worked up over new press releases if the department that charged Mr. Berger isn't interested in prolonging the matter? Do you want ALA to engage in "Bush-bashing" by suggesting his DOJ isn't zealous ENOUGH?

A fine and loss of clearance for stealing classified government documents, please.

What happened to Ollie North when he did it? Where is your outrage against the Iran-Contra affair? Why aren't you comparing this incident to others in the past? Is it because North was a Reagan lackey and Reagan was a Rethuglican?

How about Nixon's CREEP, which not only stole documents but broke into other people's offices to do it, and the documents stolen happened to be medical records which are protected just as much by patient confidentiality as intelligence documents are by security classification?