Volunteer to Label Images for Google

birdie writes "Here's Google's image labeling site where you're invited to find an anonymous partner and help label some of the images Google has accumulated while searching the web. You're shown a drawing or photograph and asked to type in words that describe it while the clock ticks down. Kind of like a beat the clock game..."


Let Google pay people to tag images. What am I the worlds metatag whore?

Compliments to Google for at least trying something (and something relatively engaging when you try it) but although this is a healthy move toward wanting quality results the output of this process is very lowest-common-denominator. In my 10 minute try I passed on many items which I thought needed a contextual label (such as the Iranian premier in a meeting somewhere) whereas my 'partner' threw up key terms like man, men, building, sky....

It is fun, plus when you and your partner "click", there
is that online camaraderie thing...I guess that is the payment. Google owns me already; really, I don't hold it against them, I thank them. I have read the Terms of Service and privacy policy on Gmail and Blogger, and I accept. I can barely remember life before Google, but I know it is better for me since Google. Way back when, I used to catalog images. If there is anything more subjective, I haven't found it. If I had an endless supply of time, I could see this game becoming an addiction. And improving image search is a worthy goal, no matter who you are.

The earlier posts remind me of all the stories about people volunteering their time to keep a library running after severe budget cutbacks. Heart-warming when viewed as civic participation, not so great for those librarians trying to earn a semi-decent salary. Why pay anyone to staff a library, or tag images, when lots of people will do it for free?

Do you get a choice on what to tag? Who gets to do all the nudie shots?

You don't get a choice on what to tag. But it is fun, and I can't believe that even librarians don't spend time off the clock having fun on the computer.