August 15 1945

Submitted by mdoneil on Tue, 08/15/2006 - 16:51

Today is the 61st anniversary of VJ day, the day Japan surrendered. You recall Japan, the country that attacked the United States and forced us into WWII.
I wonder what would happen if some rogue group were to perpetrate an act of war against a sovereign nation these days. I wonder if people would cry that the people that started the war were being attacked too forcefully? Would there be a cry of oh no they are bombing neighbourhoods - where combatants are hiding in homes and storing weapons in homes and firing rockets into non-combat areas.

Then again would a sovereign nation have allowed a bunch of foreign supplied, foreign funded lunatic terrorists to take over part of their country back in 1945? Japan was a country that attacked us, not some bunch of bearded nutjobs with no state - well with no state that would call them theirs, there were plenty of places willing to fund and supply them.
So we used the most advanced technology at the time to quell the Japanese aggression. It seems to have solved that problem. We have - and Israel has much better technology now, we don't need to drop a nuclear weapon on them, why is the 'international community' so intent on handcuffing Israel when it didn't start the war.
VJ day happened because we demonstrated we would do whatever it takes to win. Why is that now a bad thing? Do you think Hizbollah thinks they lost; hell no they are broadcasting their victory on every TV station in the area.
The only way to win this war against terrorism is to kill each and every one of them. Wipe Hizbollah off the face of the Earth. Death to Hizbollah, Death to Hamas, Death to al-Qaeda, Death to all who use terrorism as a weapon.
Perhaps then we can remember VT day rather than just VJ day.