Nat Hentoff in prison? His Cuban librarian finale


InfoWhale writes "Nat Hentoff, one of America's leading fighters for intellectual freedom, has written six columns - 2 syndicated and four for the Village Voice - about ALA's refusal to join the rest of the world in demanding the release of imprisoned librarians. This finale asks the question - "What does Mr. Hentoff know of the real Cuba?" I know that if I were a Cuban, I would be in prison."
read it in the Village Voice


The ALA is politically hypocritical in denouncing Bush administration policies but not Castro's, and ineffectual in fighting library budget downsizing. There is no reason, either political or careerwise, for me to ever join the ALA.

Nor my money.

Until ALA starts doing something for librarians, in an effectual way, I will keep my money.

Today's Bergen Record has a story about how Castro is claiming that Bush is trying to kill him.