Sharing the love--My First Review

Submitted by shoe on Thu, 06/01/2006 - 12:04

I just got a kickin' review of Aurora Borealis from the publishers/reviewers Chevalier Editions. They appear to be kind of a new subset of publisher, a selective bunch that takes care of editing and design, and prints via POD.
They also review books that they don't publish. You can read the full text here, ignoring, please, the small typo in the subject line (I think they wrote it at 3 am... That was the time my tear sheet email was posted). This is my favorite part though:

By succeeding in causing such questions to be asked, Shoemaker has succeeded in giving her characters real blood in their bodies, which is one notable goal of serious fiction. If we can dispose of details (Alice could have been something other than a novelist, Ron could have been a mechanic) and focus on human drive, without losing the essence of a work, we have been brought into a work that serves a higher purpose than to merely entertain us.

Aurora Borealis is an entertaining novel, to be sure, but transcends that at moments with insights into human impulse that show promise for Shoemaker's future direction as an author of serious fiction.

A recommended read for those who enjoy being disturbed, but pulled along the rocky path of disturbance by the suspicion that there's more to the resulting uneasiness than at first meets the eye.

I am disturbing! Yeah, well, they should have known me as a teenager. Heh.
This is a great note to go back to work on. I start part time again at the library today.
What a rush!