Most people use 2 word phrases in search engines according to


Bob Cox writes "Amsterdam - February 2 2004 - ( ), the number one provider of real-time intelligence web analytics, today reported that most people use 2 word phrases in search engines. Of all the search phrases world wide, 32.58 percent of the people use 2 word phrases, 25.61 percent use 3 word phrases and 19.02 percent use 1 word phrase. More and more people use 3 word phrases instead of 1 word phrase. The global usage of 2 word phrases has increased with 3.36 percent from 29.22 percent to 32.58 percent since April 2003. The use of 1 word phrase has decreased with 5.74 percent from 24.76 percent to 19.02 percent.
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Are these real phrases using quotation marks? Attempts at phrases, but improperly constructed? Or seperate search terms?

And how many are using Boolean??

(I remember a presentation at a conference a few years back that suggested that people with "adult information needs" used the most complex searches.)

phrase: n. Grammar. Two or more words in sequence that form a syntactic unit that is less than a complete sentence.

The research must be true; I never use a one-word phrase.

Are "adult information needs" what I'm thinking they are? Or am I hanging around the college kids too much?

Yup! I guess they are highly motivated searchers!