Judy Krug responds to Nat Hentoff


InfoWhale writes "Judy Krug, long-standing head of ALA's Intellectual Freedom Office, and personal friend of Nat Hentoff, has responded to Hentoff's renunciation of ALA's Immroth Award. More here at WorldNetDaily."


So basically, Ms. Krug is accusing Mr. Hentoff of some kind of unpatriot type hysteria and she is so broken up. My heart just bleeds for her.

Ice water.

Maybe she should spent the next couple or trey decades in a prison cell for opposing the trampling of her own intellectual freedom and that will give her an idea of what it's like to be unlicensed librarian in Cuba.

I do. (read "it")

But your summation that all conservative publications take potshots at academe is baseless. Hentoff doesn't parrot ALA stammering and WorldNet Daily prints it.

Now Hentoff is a liberal pariah and the GOP has a new poster boy?


Let's talk truth. ALA's mala fide resolution was insulting to many. WorldNet took Hentoff's anger and printed it. I ask you, where was/is the "left-leaning" Chronicle of Higher Education on this issue?

Independent librarians are indeed librarians. Or at least they are in the minds of any free people who have a profound understanding of the statement: Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech. The attitude that somebody needs some kind of validation from big brother gubmint constitutes a licensing requirement and creates a clear and present violation of that metalaw.

Oh, and I found your attempt to invalidate arguments against Krug and the ALA's pro oppression stance by invoking double think to be mildly amusing. However, I can see how you couldn't understand why oppressors and their lackeys should be subjected to their own system of oppression.

WorldNetDaily, taken as a whole, is a highly conservative online publication. The actors involved and opposed in this given story could all be far-left radicals, for all they'd care, so long as the actual writeup fit their agenda (here, IMHO, attacking the ALA in particular and "intellectual" librarianship in general).

If there are any doubts as to WorldNetDaily being right-wing... start reading it.;)

What is Nat Hentoff's address for email ?...


Thanks for the clarification.

I appreciate your willingness to respond!

Actually, I was commenting solely on the WorldNetDaily article. After reading Korpios' comment, I wondered what sort of information he was basing his opinion on. I'm not sure I'd classify the article, at least, as 'conservative' - it seems closer to mainstream - but the items I noted would have raised my eyebrows in any publication.

I was hoping (perhaps baiting) Korpios or Victorian Moss would answer.

I seem to remember Mr Hentoff writing for the Village Voice. Certainly not to be confused for its "heavily right-wing slant".

It certainly gives pause to ponder comments like

>>WorldNetDaily (as do most conservative sources) tends to gleefully expound upon anything which tarnishes "intellectual" occupations such as librarianship

He also writes a weekly column published in The Village Voice (a publication some feel is a forum for beatniks and Communists...)

Most recently, the Washington Times, that Moonie tribune of all that's Right.

Is "why doesn't X spend a few years in Y's prisons?" the new version of the Hitler Rule--an effective way to shut down any reasoned discourse? Sure seems to work here; nobody's willing to note that "independent librarians" aren't librarians at all, at least not in a signed note.

Help me out.

What periodical does Nat Hentoff write for?

More specifically, they state in the article that they obtained the letter and that it was to Hentoff. If it were publicly viewable, one would think they would point people towards it. Otherwise, why and how do they have it in the first place? Additionally, they were highly selective with what they did quote, and, with the use of quotation marks in the subtitle, could be seen as inferring 'saddened' to be 'not really saddened'. How one reads can be as important as the bias inherent in any writing, but this article won't be going into my memories of good journalism.

It should be noted that WorldNetDaily has a heavily right-wing slant, and anything drawn from it should be taken with a heaping mountain of salt. WorldNetDaily (as do most conservative sources) tends to gleefully expound upon anything which tarnishes "intellectual" occupations such as librarianship.

J. Krug should be encouraged to move on to other things and let another less ensconced person develop the intellectual freedom programs.

It is a problem in maintaining that position for too long rather than letting a new person with a new approach take that role of intellectual freedom leadership.

Indeed...spend a few years in a Cuban prison...and
she may feel what the Cubans are now...and will
until the Maximum leader dies...

don't forget the hep-cats, daddio (mommyo?).