Artists Works 'Borrowed' On Google and Families Aren't Happy


First it was authors with the Google Print program. Now it's artists. The San Jose Mercury News reports that Google may now be alienating some visual artists by allegedly reproducing famous works in drawings on the search giant's home page Update: 04/20 22:05 GMT by B :it's now gone.

Today the family of Joan Miro was upset to discover elements of several works by the Spanish surrealist incorporated into Google's logo. The Artists Rights Society, a group that represents the Miro family and more than 40,000 visual artists and their estates, asked Google to remove the image early Thursday morning.


Pity. I liked the image Google had up. It also refreshed my memory of an artist I rather liked but hadn't looked at for a while. So when will they begin to remove the elements and styles from his existing work that he adapted from other artists? Tit for tat, after all.

I agree with you...but when you have a profile as high as google it is only good sense to "ask permission" before you do anything like that. If only to prevent the problem of someone "being difficult".