SLA Denounces Closure of EPA Libraries

Anonymous Patron writes "The Special Libraries Association (SLA) announced today its strong opposition to the Bush Administration proposal to close the network of libraries and information centers operating within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Janice R. Lachance, Chief Executive Officer of SLA,
offered the following comments on the matter.



EPA publications provide crucial enviromental information to libraries and to organizations that monitor superfund sites and the activities of major polluters...

Although some say they can get the same info from NTIS, NTIS only has a small selection of what the EPA publishes.

If the EPA reports are no longer accessible to the public, we'll have no idea what's in the soil or groundwater, where it's coming from or how toxic it is, environmental action groups won't have then data they need to take action and lawmakers won't have the information they need to renew, enforce or create environmental laws.

... which is exactly how the Bush administration would like things. If you destroy the nation's environmental policy + give corporate America carte blanche to poison the public, eliminating the evidence (or at least making it inaccessible) is the ideal icing on the cake.