Update: Boy Swaps MikeRoweSoft for Xbox

Pete writes "Here is a follow-up from the BBC to last week's story on the Canadian high school student who whose website, MikeRoweSoft.com, annoyed Bill Gates' lawyers. The teen gave up the domain in exchange for Microsoft goodies, including an Xbox console. It makes one wonder what the RIAA would have done."


As I am watching the snowfall from my dorm room while away at librarian school, I find this article to be of interest. Mike Rowe certainly appears to have learned at least something about negotiating. I have seen horror stories of people negotiating with Microsoft. To come out as wel as he did is a good thing.

Of course, this is also a really, really, really good public relations move for Microsoft as well.

Now if I name any eventual children "Horizon" or "Voyager", what might result, eh?

They'd be teased miserably in kindergarten.