Alito Nomination Opposed by ALA

Submitted by mdoneil on Thu, 01/26/2006 - 04:42

My esteemed colleague has posted about this in her journal, but with the plethora of formatting errors due to cutting and pasting from a non-standards compliant word processing application and the fact that comments are turned off I thought I might just add my two cents here.

Council did indeed vote to oppose the appointment of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court. As we can see Council is again wavering from the mission of the ALA to promote libraries and librarians. The ALA as we can all see is nothing more than a political tool, and I do mean tool in the most pejorative way. While the unions also oppose judge Alito at least the unions provide some service to their members.
Feel free to discuss the good doctor's post here as well.
Oh, and could someone tell the Council that nobody really cares about their onanistic resolutions.