Putting condos above library very patriotic


Kind of an Odd Little Letter to the editor form The Palm Beach Post.
The author says, in his "Dear Mr. Ashcroft" letter:
"The USA Patriot Act, in its zeal to find terrorists among us, has managed to inflame Americans across the political spectrum, not just the political lefties.

You may think this is no big deal. But you've got the librarians against you.

The librarians!

This isn't good. These Dewey-decimal drones may talk softly, but they're very organized people."


Now that the honorable Mr. Ashcroft has mounted his national "dis"information campaign we who have studied the Patriot Act need to speak out consistently about it's dangers to all Americans first amendment rights. We should also be raising the question why his information campaign isn't including informing congress exactly how the Patriot Act's provisions are being used.

"they have a flair for bulletin board crafts"? Oh, please.

Sounds like he's more upset at condo owners than at Ashcroft. (BTW, this isn't a letter to the editor, it's a column by a regular columnist.)

Which part of the word "satire" are you unable to understand? Of course, humour is a difficult concept, and far beyond the ability of some people to grasp as demonstrated time and again.

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