Rumors of my demise...

...are unfortunately right on the money.

Unless something really miraculous happens by Monday, I am forced to give my notice for health reasons. Grrrrrr. Keep your fingers crossed for a miracle.

Seems I contracted a nasty virus, with a name that does not do it justice: chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome. Fatigue just doesn't begin to describe it. Everyone gets tired. Not every one is so lucky to feel like they have a hangover, the flu, and mono all rolled into one 24/7.

I could, in theory, get better tomorrow, or in a year, or in five, or never. Because of that, I don't feel it's fair to keep the library waiting. They've waited over six months this year. They've more than done their part.

This breaks my heart, because I work with the best people ever. Seriously, a good gig. I think I will cry a lot when I tell them. Not because I'm obligated, but because I genuinely feel that upset.

But on to other matters. That leaves the site (which needs a revamp anyway) kind of hanging in the balance. No matter what I do, I want to stay with LISHost. A great shout out to Blake about how happy I've been with his hosting, and how stable it is. Whether LinuxLibrarian will just mutate into something else, or whether it will cease and desist and become something else entirely (probably not LIS related), well, I don't know.

So I'm coming to you guys. Any ideas how I could change LinuxLibrarian to make it... well... something I could do without any library experiences? Any ideas how it could grow? Or should I move to new horizons?

Mixed feelings about that. Of course, I still want to play with Linux. I loooooove Linux! And I am still deadly interested in how it could work in libraries. I don't know. Something different might be interesting too.

The power is yours! (I sound like friggin' Captain Planet.) Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I'm really sorry to hear his. Even though I'm sure it's a relief to know what's wrong, it sucks that it's something chronic. Unfortunately, I'm of no help when it comes to Linux, but I'm sending good thoughts your way. Let us know how we can help.--rochelle

I'm so sorry to hear that you're going to have to give up your job, but I hope you will be able to rest up and take the time to take care of yourself.

I'm so sorry. I'd leave a note at your blog, but it always tells me I can't. Look into Provigil [modafinil] for the chronic fatigue.

I'm currently taking Provigil, to no avail.:( I'm up to 400 mgs now, been taking it about two weeks.

I was hopeful for it, but I guess a lot of the meds are hit and miss. Plus the fact that my doctor had to tell a little white lie about what he was prescribing it for in order for insurance to cover it.

I suffer from a host of unusual and chronic ailments. My solution, after getting married, was to work part-time. However, finding professional level work on a part-time basis is extremely difficult. If I want to shelve books, fine, they'd love an MLS to do that for $6 an hour...

Is dropping to part-time a possibility? When I first inquired about the possibilty of changing my job from full time to part time, the request almost got me fired. Seriously.

Thought about part time, then realized it was sort of impossible, as I can't even seem to make it in more than four hours a week on a good week. Maybe if things improve I can look, but at this time, I'm pretty spent.

Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes.

Do stay in touch with us here and explore every remedy you can...

There must be a something...pill, diet, alternative therapy...specialist out there who can help... and there probably are discussion groups which you possible already know about.

Our positive thoughts are with you!