Library works out catalog snafus


The Howard County Times reports on "a beastly transition" to a new SirsiDynix system in Howard County Maryland. The problem boiled down to one of software compatibility, Tom Gates, vice president of marketing for SirsiDynix, said Sept. 27. Essentially the company's software didn't click with Java, a programming language, he said.

"It's really changed my library behavior," Weems said. "One gets angry when one loses what one loves."
"We are the first problem of this nature that they have encountered, partly because we are among the most heavily used remote systems in the world," Gross said.

Update: 09/30 11:52 EST by B:Link Fixed


Surely the company knew the usage statistics before they sought the contract. It doesn't make sense that they'd complain about that little detail after the fact. Better to keep their mouths shut and work harder to make things run seamlessly. Now they say the fix will be applied in mid-October. Let's wait and see.