American publisher kills Acadia profs’ tome on history of gay sex


slashgirl writes ""Two Acadia University professors are shocked that a scholarly volume they compiled on homosexuality in classical antiquity has been spiked by its New York publisher following criticism from a conservative American website.

"This says a lot about the United States right now," Beerte Verstraete said Friday."

The story is here"


Haworth Press Inc., a publisher of scholarly tomes, announced Sept. 22 it would not proceed with publishing the book. The announcement came two days after a story on the conservative website alleged that one essay in the compilation “promotes sex with children.�

The website story, which other socially conservative websites picked up, cited an essay by Bruce Rind, a psychology instructor at Temple University in Philadelphia.

An abstract of that essay states, in part, that “empirical data (collected for the article) show that pederasty is not only not predestined to injure, but can benefit the adolescent when practised according to the ancient Greek form.�

The summary also says many ancient societies, including the Greeks, considered pederasty a “noble� and “functional� practice.

and then there's:
"Conservative groups and politicians have previously criticized Mr. Rind for a 1998 article he co-authored in an American Psychological Association journal. Critics said the article downplayed the negative effects of child abuse. But Mr. Provencal said that work has since been peer-reviewed and is supported by the scientific community."

Yeah, the article on Creationism was peer reviewed too, let's ask him is opinion on that. If it was just the book I might be a little more open-minded because obviously the subject isn't new to our generation. But that he's comfortable coming at the subject from different directions means the guy has issues.

And be careful about trying to make this about conservatives. The book is supposed to be about homosexuality. Ask the gay community how that compares to pederasty and you could get your head taken off.

We may not be as perfect....but we seem to be able to read better. ;)


Understandable - Canadians aren't nearly so perfect as Philadelphians.

Okay. The article and univerity I'm talking about is Acadia University (with no R), which is located in Wolfville (formerly Mud Creek) Nova Scotia, Canada. That would explain why I'd never heard of it referred to as Beaver College...and I'm not surprised re: the porn sites. I'm sure students enjoyed the old name, too.


Here ya go:

Originally under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Beaver College now maintains an historic relationship with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), but is independently controlled and ecumenical in spirit.

In the summer of the year 2000, the Board of Trustees approved a historic decision to change the name and status of the school to Arcadia University. =634

Is there another Arcadia? I was speaking of the one in Glenside, PA. The changed there name from Beaver College about 4 maybe 5 years ago - people searching online for the college were getting too many porn sites.

It might've been nick-named that but if it was ever the official name it would have had to have been QUITE a few years ago. It's been Acadia University as long as I've been around (34 years or so). Plus, I did one of my work experiences/OTJ training (for my LT course) at the Acadia archives...I ended up working with photographs, many from the earliest days of the University. I would've noticed "Beaver College". Trust me.

The town it is in used to be known as Mud Creek.



Ball State did not change its name.

Untill a few years ago Arcadia University was named Beaver College.

What does it say about (all of) America? Do tell.