I Ripped Them All, Finally

3374 MP3s
239 hours and 40 minutes
13.33 Gigabytes

That's the final count for my CD collection I've finally finished converting to MP3s. I've just been doing a few each week, I started ripping them back in February, and finally finished last night. I'm not even sure how many CDs I have, probably about 400. It's nice to have them all ripped again. I'd actually done this a few years back, but the hard drive I had them stored on blew up.


If you ripped at 128K, you're accepting degraded sound quality, at least according to my mediocre 60-year-old hearing.

196K is a whole lot better, 320K better yet. Of course, it uses more disk space, but that's cheap and getting cheaper...

If you're only using MP3 for portable use with really cheap earbuds, it may not matter, but good portable headphones offer very good fidelity and will benefit from higher-bitrate ripping.

Most are 128, some are 320. I actually can't hear the difference (on my computers) between the CD and either bitrate, so I didn't worry about it. I suppose if I ever get an iPod I'll rip them again at a higher rate if I don't like the sound. My mediocre 36 year old hearing isn't so sharp either, too much rock-n-roll & motocross when I was younger.