Time to Vote

There were five nominations of library related books. Two of the books have been withdrawn by the person that nominated them. This leaves a total of three books to vote on.

The books are:

1) The Tipping Point

2) The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture

3) A Splendor of Letters: The Permanence of Books in an Impermanent World

To vote post a comment to this story telling what your vote is. Anonymous votes will not be counted. The book that is selected will be read by any LISNEWS member that is interested in the book and discussion of the book will take place on LISNEWS. The focus of the books will be librarianship, libraries, information science, and books.


My vote is for The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture.

This statement from one of the reviews of the book was one of the reasons I voted for the book.

Rather than write a book strictly about the rise of Google as a business, technology journalist Battelle targets his research on the concept of Internet search, beginning the book with a discussion of an abstract idea he terms the "Database of Intentions," defined as the sum total of all queries that pour into search engines daily, revealing the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of our culture.

Bookshelves may be purchased at Ikea ikea.com> easily, and more cheaply than they can be shipped from Philadelphia to San Diego. Have no fear, this evil will be remedied fairly soon. Just got the crate (including of boxes of books) unloaded this morning--hallelujah!

No bookshelves? Ugggh.

I would be most content if my children
grew up to be the kind of people who
think decorating consists mostly of
building enough bookshelves.
-- Anna Quindlen, "Enough Bookshelves,"

      New York Times, 1991-08-07

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

When I looked, it was Barnes & Ignoble offering 35% off barnesandnoble.com>. Dunno if that link will work if you come from outside BoingBoingboingboing.net>.

I will stick to my religion as a public librarian and believe I will get hold of a copy without money changing hands...besides, there are no bookshelves in the new apartment, so the NO BOOKS AS POSSESSIONS rule is doubly in effect.

Since it's the only one that's in my library's catalog, I'll vote for A Splendor of Letters.

I vote for #2: "The Search"!


Search! Search! Search! Borders is giving Boing Boing readers an additional 20% discount.

Agh. Not. In. The. System. Citysandiego.gov> or Countysdcl.org>, not that I understand the difference. Must get to know selectors immediately!

Someone beat me to it. It's already on the hold shelf, but not for me.

Another yes for the Batelle title--better reserve it quick!

Consider this another "Yes" vote for The Search.

second that

I agree, shipping is EVIL.

But that's still no reason to have this:

NO BOOKS AS POSSESSIONS rule is in effect

You can stack books on the floor. Boxes can be had for free. You can go to Ikea, if you don't want to make shelving out of scrap lumber and bricks/blocks...

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL