Put up or shut up

It seems the large multinationals are putting up as is detailed on CNN.

Somehow I am sure that the tree huggers and other lefties will find something to complain about. After all Katrina was caused by Global Warming caused by George W Bush.

See what these whackjobs, and the loons in Boston, the ever helpful Germans, and the more sober of the clan Kennedy RFK have to say on the issue.

If you want the true science rather than political conjecture ask Dr. Gray former head of the National Hurricane Center who < a href="http://www.globalwarming.org/article.php?uid=116">notes that hurricanes are cyclical with each cycle lasting decades. Even the nuts at the UN are on the global warming and hurricanes ship of fools, but Dr. Chris Landsea a noted scientist and NOAA researcher has resigned from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change because they were just making things up.

If you are still skeptical read this story about the NYTs nonsense about global warming. All the news that fiction.

Newsmax has the best and most reasoned article about the global warming and hurricane correlation nonsense.

I'm blaming Bush for not winning the lottery last night, then again I didn't buy a ticket.


Karl Rove made you not buy that ticket!

I went to the hurricane data on the internet. 1941-1950 was the worst decade for hurricanes since they've been tracking. The largest number and the most 3,4, and 5 category storms. All those years on drugs fried RFK Jr's brain. But I have located another right wingnut he can add to his hysterics club. There's some preacher now claiming it is God's wrath on a sin city. Forgotten his name, but I'm sure the media will turn him into a star like they did Cindy by interviewing him over and over while he spews his hatred.

You may be thinking of either Repent America or God Hates Fags.

Also in This Week in God, Farrakhan says the hurricane is punishment for Iraq.

I bought a ticket for YOU and me! The news isn't good. We lost.

I have a friend who is also an RN who is willing to go to New Orleans with me. He is a fag, he self identifies as that. Actually there are a number of nurses that would go who are just waiting for the call. I wonder if that whackjob preacher's god (who must be different from the God I know - mine rates a capital G) hates all of us or just the fag?

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